Stud Poker
The joker is used to substitute for an ace or any other card in the formation of a Royal Flush, flush, or a street. Each player is dealt seven cards, as well as the dealer. With these seven cards to form two leaves are: The first is called high hand or back hand and continues as in the classic five-card poker together and the second is called low hand or front hand and consists of two cards.

The rules and the principle are the same as in the classic poker for a high hand. In the second sheet, the highest combination is a pair of aces and the lowest one of two or three pair. Each player plays against the bank, so the dealer. Players gain a higher hand than the dealer, so that there can be multiple winners in one round.

The Backhand follows the same criteria as the classic poker. In descending order, that is: royal flush, straight flush, poker (four of a kind), Full (Full House), Flush, Straight, Triplet, double pair and pair. In the streets is the highest combination of Royal Flush, ie, Ace-King-Queen-Jack-Ten in the same suit. Then comes the street ace-two-three-four-five, then the road King-Queen-Jack-Ten-Nine and finally the streets below.

The back hand must be higher than the front hand. If you have for example a Deuce-pair, a royal couple and other three cards, it is better to divide the dual pair between both hands, instead they pick up hand for the back and leave the front hand an unmade sheet.

The royal couple should of course then form the backhand and the Deuce-pair the front hand. The objective is to obtain at the same time with both hands. With only a higher hand will not win.

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