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At the beginning of each game, the dealer has a visible to each player including himself face card. Observing the dealer's card the player can choose an "insurance" if the card is an Ace It is for the player to protect themselves against a possible blackjack. This additional development will allow the player to recover a portion of the bet if the dealer Blackjack.

The dealer will address one at a time to each player and ask them to make a decision. Each player can either stay or draw a card, the aim of the game is to have the highest score possible while never exceeding 21 points. It may therefore be smart not take card although a low score thinking that the bank jump. Feel free to join one of the many online games. Blackjack you will discover the thrill. The game is very rapid effect and requires a cool unusual!


In addition to the choice of software the online poker game offers even more advantages. So you can work out there through the practice mode not only itself, but also there can be a lot of experience and information regarding the proper strategy to collect. One thing is very clear, many strategies are really effective only in the virtual world, as this would fail on an enemy of flesh and blood simply. Here again comes the advantage of anonymity to wear, because the opponent can only identify a reference to the alias. Accordingly, it is also impossible for the opponent to read a possible strategy pursued in the face of the player.

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