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Even if it is actually for 15 year olds prohibited to play, this set but never a problem represents the initial gains of course there was and yet I'm not sure if I belong in the category of pathological gamblers or the socially disturbed .I built Despite my gambling behavior quite successful my high school, had relationships and a healthy social environment. The problems came only on the fact that I've never been caught. No one took my losses come true.

I received much approval for profits. So I not only drew satisfaction from the game, but defined in my environment in part by the profits. Monetary never saw it sparkling from, but from multiple jobs was constantly in money, which most of it was for playing.

I myself was the addiction more and more conscious and I began to set me apart with her. I decided then to go on the offensive. I cleared my parents at age 20 about my gambling addiction to, but not to the extent towards me who understand and do not do this until today.

This is not an accusation, but it is more of a Failure to understand the situation. I visited old teacher and even designed a few hours before school classes, to warn of addiction. At the same time I went to a few self-help groups and became representations. This brought me but little to nothing because I had lost with my then 20 years but still quite "little". This prejudice is pursuing a way as gambling addicts everywhere. I pulled into the gears and really put it past. The shit always cost a lot of money and even if you won a couple of times Mark, it never stopped long ago, because it's won money that could blow you too.

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