No Limit Online Poker
Online Poker addiction reached a new hitherto unsuspected dimension on the Internet. The constant availability of the game, without significant social costs, the threshold for the game is enormously reduced. Requirement for online poker are limited to rudimentary computer skills, so that it acquires in time of digitizing an ever greater potential reach.

Through payment by online bank transfer or credit card, the entire possessions of a player good is in contrast to traditional gambling, potentially threatened. Poker addiction on the Internet is characterized mainly by too frequent and too long games. It is not uncommon to a rearrangement of the previous rhythm of life, and it is adjusted to the game. Even if the Gaming of a provider should have expired, so the players are dozens of alternative providers.

The player is the game completely delivered at any time, which also constitutes a threat to well placed and controlled players. In most countries, makes the player with the use of the game offers an offense and doubts or denies this status. Social contacts can move in the direction of relevant poker sites and is replacing actual contacts are in the Poker addiction.  Typical of the poker addiction on the Internet is the player's constant threat. Even if the player has a very controlled behavior, then by the time No Longer limitation of the game offers a latent threat situation exists. Even poker players with years of playing experience are not up to the infinity of the game on time and thus threatened. Dozens, even hundreds of bankrupt poker professionals draw on a trail of destruction through online poker. For poker addicts and casual gamers the risk is much higher.

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