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Online Casino War is undoubtedly one of the easiest card games in an online casino. If you have played the game to have in your youth with friends to pass the time, then you probably know how exciting it is to play. Now Who wants to place bets at the online Casino War and wants to win the dealer money using the highest card against his opponent, in this case, who has the opportunity.

Casino War Online For the cards according to their image value, except the Aces valued. A card's color is not critical. The player places his bets against the dealer and the one who gets dealt the highest card wins the current game round at Online Casino War.

Since there are three different types of use the Online Casino War is based the use of tips at the height of the house edge to the different application types. The player has the following options. This insert projection is performed when the card of the player and the dealer have the same value. The player places this application if he / she is convinced that it is in the comes first two cards distributed to a tie (draw).

The Ante Bet is placed before distributing the cards. Who should always have the highest card wins the stakes. The Raise Bet, so the raise bet is placed when the player and the dealer the map have the same value. Increasing use has the same value as the initial ante use. If the player and the dealer have a tie and the player decides to give up, then this is known in the jargon as Surrender, the player loses his bet. The house edge in this online casino game is always the highest at the Surrender option, so you should realize that you never give up the Online Casino War.

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