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In blackjack, players receive two cards they draw themselves randomly. The goal is to ensure that the cards from approaching a maximum value of 21. No accidences of the number 21 is however tolerated. The ultimate goal is to defeat the dealer, who is also the party. Several players can play simultaneously but have one common opponent, the dealer, who represents the bank, or in other words the casino.

Each card is numbered from 2 to 10. We are talking about the purely nominal value, ie the value of the number on the card drawn. Some cards alone have a value of 10 points. This is the case of Jack, the Queen and the King. Ace has a variable value depending on the player's decision. It may be worth 1 point or 11 points alone.

The Blackjack is usually played with six decks of cards. The first five games of cards are "burned" by the dealer in the early game. The majority of blackjack tables gather around seven players seated.

There are a total of seven boxes distributed in the table and players can play on the same box if they wish. To play blackjack , participants bet by placing chips that match the value of the money they put.

In casinos such as, there are records that show the amount of updates and the limits to play. In online casinos, searchable tables are available early in the game. For example, if you read the table limit is € 5 € -100, this implies that the minimum bet is 5 euros and the maximum bet is 100 euros.

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