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The Canadian province of Ontario could, following the example of Quebec, taking further steps towards legalization of online gambling. Predominant themes are the economic gains that encourage the Canadian government to this consideration. Dalton McGivney, Premier of Ontario, suggests that the province of the example of Quebec follows, and online gambling - including all Online Poker Games - legalized.

The Canadian government has opted for active participation, since online gambling take place anywhere and at any time, output regardless of whether illegal or not. McGivney therefore sees an adaptation of the laws needed to ensure that the situation has returned to normal. Instead of ignorance and naivety to show with new laws and regulations could only benefit and win back an opportunity for active participation in the province. McGivney is not alone with his opinion there.

Paul Godfrey, President of the Organization for lottery and gambling in Ontario , confirmed that the province necessarily requires a legal regulation of online gambling. Such a law could contribute proportionately the state profits from online gambling, going to time nor to the other party. Jeff Deferens, spokesman for the university confirmed on the basis of studies conducted that would be gained from such an action a lot, and the money could go to charity to use.

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