Which Casino Table Game is Easier to Win: Poker or Craps?
Some gamblers choose the games they play based on their interests, while others make their choice based on the overall winning probability a game offers. For instance, a player who prefers to have more control over their odds is more likely to stick with a game like poker or blackjack than to try their luck at a game that feels like it is more based on chance, such as slots. 

That said, players who enjoy table games like poker may wonder if they would have an easier time winning at casino craps.  One of the reasons that players may wonder this is there are many strategies for craps that some feel improve the odds of success.

For instance, using the 1-3-2-6 Method in Craps, which is ideal for equal money bets and low risk gamblers, can help a player establish limits for both wins and losses. Essentially the way it works is if you have won all four bets, you start the strategy over. If you lose any bet, you also go back to the start. However, if you continue to win, you continue to advance through the sequence.

In other words, a player starts by betting one unit. If they win, they would add an addition unit increasing the second bet to 3 units. If this bet wins, the winnings will spike to 6 units. The whole point is to take away 4 units so that a player’s third bet is just 2 units. Ovovegas, Situs Slot Gacor, Bandar Slot Online.

However, there are other methods for the craps game, which you can find by clicking http://crapsmethods.com/. Here you will discover that there are techniques, such as the Count Craps Method, Craps Methods of Rolling, Craps Methods of Wagering, and many other methods for different styles of playing.

Essentially, it is just as easy to win at craps as it is at poker. It is simply a matter of educating yourself and choosing the most ideal playing method.

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